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Seminari Públic

Curso intensivo de Feldenkrais de 3 días

amb Thomas Farnbacher

Aquesta pàgina no ha estat traduïda al català encara i per tant algunes parts del text apareixen en anglès. Pots seleccionar un altre idioma a la part superior dreta de la pàgina.

Getting to know the Feldenkrais Method means getting down to the ground and taking time to move, explore and discover, in your own experience, the subtle mechanisms that make your movements light, simple and agile.

This is how we find the key to clarifying our self-image, to organizing our movement in an optimal way and to getting to feel deep changes in posture and in our way of acting in the world.

This 3 day intensive course will be dedicated to practicing Awareness Through Movement (ATM) sequences, the work created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais; we will also have space to deepen and discuss experiences that arise during the practice; finally, we will take a look at Functional Integration (IF), the part of the method that is dedicated to working in individual sessions.

If you have heard of the Feldenkrais Method and want to have a personal experience, or if you already know it and you want to do deeper work, do not hesitate to reserve your spot, as places are limited.

The course is also especially suitable for those having the desire to train as Feldenkrais professionals. If you are considering joining the Lisboa 1 training program, which is still open to enrolment until May 2018, this will be the perfect place to start!

Who is this course for?

  • Health professionals: doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, podiatrists, dentists, midwives, nurses, psychologists…
  • Athletes of any level, coaches, physical trainers…
  • School teachers and teachers of any category, especially teachers working with children, physical education, special education and music.
  • Dancers, choreographers, actors, musicians.
  • Yoga and Pilates teachers, or teachers of any other movement discipline.
  • Anyone who is in a process of change or personal growth and is interested in adding a somatic education tool to his or her process.
  • Of course, anyone curious about movement, wanting to know the Feldenkrais Method and interested taking care of him/herself.